The CaddyClean® Scrubbing Machine is a Cordless Battery Scrubber that's the most Efficient, Versatile, Ergonomic Light Scrubbing Machine on the market. Developed in Sweden for Commercial and Residential Cleaning Professionals.

Power package kit below included:

CaddyClean® Scrubbing Machine Scrubs, Buffs and Polishes All Surfaces from the Floors to Ceiling and everything in-between
  • Lightweight (4.9 lbs) and ideal for cleaning where manual methods presently are used. Simple to handle and ergonomically designed with many features such as a push button brush head that can be adjusted in any angle direction and shaft length.
  • Hand attachment grip for scrubbing and cleaning stains, furniture, appliances, counter-tops, stainless, bathroom soap scum, steel etc..
  • Heavy duty battery that runs 2-3 hours on a single charge.
  • The most versatile multi cleaning scrubber in the world that will scrub, polish, buff and wash anything ''Even upside down''. You can run any cleaning chemical through the tank and auto sprayer for any cleaning task. 1000's of uses
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Power Package Kit


Light Duty
Scrubbing Brushes

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Pad Drivers

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