Flip Flop® 18" Rubber Floor Squeegee 5 Pack

  • 18" Rubber Floor Squeegee - Flip Flop Blade Style

Flip Flop® 18" Rubber Floor Squeegee 5 Pack


Flip Flop 18 inch Commercial Heavy Duty Rubber Floor Squeegee Blade

  • Flip Flop 18 inch squeegee blade is split down the middle for double scraping surfaces and is much faster for floor drying.
  • Flip Flop blade system combines a lightweight aluminum housing and a specially designed socket for squeegeeing forward and backwards, which drys floors even faster than squeegeeing in one direction.
  • Flip Flop 18 inch floor squeegee is made with Neoprene rubber that is chemical and abrasion resistant for long term use and is the highest quality available.
  • Used all over the world in the commercial and industrial industry.
  • Part# 629180
  • Sold in packages of 5
  • Made in the USA Since 1951 by Gordon Brush with proven performance to outlast conventional squeegees 4 to 1
      • Made in the USA by Gordon Brush since 1951
      • Part Number: 629180
      • Fill Material: Rubber
      • Size: 18" Rubber floor squeegee blade
      • Stud Size: 3/8"
      • Handle not included" Any Speed Sweep® handle with 3/8" stud fits

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